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The Neighborhood Land Trust’s community-based process
enables neighbors to take control of their environment and
cultivate healthier lives.

Through grassroots efforts, residents help transform blighted vacant land into urban parks and gardens
that inspire pride throughout the entire community.

Our Process

Our staff works closely with community members to identify neighborhood needs and train volunteers to spearhead planning, development and maintenance. A park management group is formed to develop leaders who will advocate for our properties.

A successful urban park or garden depends on a community’s sense of ownership. From inception, we encourage participation that turns residents into agents of change. Neighbors voice concerns and share ideas on improving their environment through a series of community meetings.

Underused properties provide wonderful opportunities for future parks and gardens. We find vacant land in low-income, park-poor areas and target it as a potential site. Available properties are acquired fee-simple or leased and held in perpetuity to ensure stable maintenance after revitalization.

Whether the goal is to grow healthy fresh foods, provide after-school activities or simply create a place of joy and beauty, our projects respond directly to the needs of a specific community. Residents collaborate on design schemes and come together to build their own park or garden.

Interesting, informative and fun programming is key to a project’s longevity. Besides bringing people together, these programs often provide activities not otherwise available in a community. All of our parks and gardens keep a busy calendar based on what residents feel would be most beneficial.

Typical topics include:

  • nutrition, exercise and health
  • gardening
  • art and culture
  • leadership development
  • language skills
  • job training
It is important that each of our urban parks and gardens continues to be a neighborhood asset. Our management approach implements a structure that ensures long-term community involvement, proper maintenance and stewardship.