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Lanlt Team

Lanlt Team

Why Create Urban Parks & Gardens?

Greater Los Angeles clearly understands the value of open space, with residents repeatedly showing strong support for bond measures to create more urban parks and gardens. But L.A. still ranks last among major U.S. cities in terms of per capita open space—less than 15 percent of residents live within walking distance of a park!

By revitalizing small parcels of blighted vacant land within park-poor neighborhoods, the Neighborhood Land Trust is Los Angeles’ leading nonprofit organization working to create parks and gardens to improve the quality of life for the region’s low-income communities.

Urban Parks & Gardens:


Improve Health

Urban parks and gardens create new opportunities for exercise and increase access to fresh, healthy fruits and vegetables in neighborhoods that suffer from disproportionately high rates of obesity and other health issues.

Reduce Pollution & Heat

Trees, grass and plants return significant amounts of oxygen to the atmosphere and help filter air and water pollutants. They also counter the “heat island effect” by providing shade and reducing air temperatures, which is essential to offsetting the concrete sprawl that characterizes much of urban L.A.

Increase Safety

Numerous studies link access to green and recreational spaces in urban neighborhoods to reduced rates of crime and property damage. Urban parks and gardens act as gathering places for neighbors to connect while active programming can engage community members—especially at-risk youth—in productive activities.

Enhance Education

Urban parks and gardens provide children with informal, hands-on learning experiences that nurture inquisitive, confident and capable young minds. They also give youngsters a place to develop social skills and explore the outdoors.